Aleksandra Mir

Space Tapestry

LONDON—In the past three years I have been having amazing conversations with some very interesting people who work in the space industry or on on various academic projects related to space. It seems to me that science and art are again converging after a long period of reluctance towards each other. Despite the obvious disparity in terms of references, work methods and objectives, there is among those individuals who dare to bridge the gap a curiosity and willingness to step outside their own displines, maybe even to take the risk of losing credibility for a moment, in order to engage with a wider circuit of knowledge and human activity, to diversify their palettes and end up all the richer for it

Directly inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry and the anonymous artists who depicted Halley's comet in 1066, Space Tapestry will eventually weave all these influences together and look forward to the comet's predicted re-appearance in 2061

The work will take the form of a 3x200m wall hanging (Sharpie drawing on synthetic canvas) and will be too large to be seen in one single venue. Various parts will be made for Modern Art Oxford and Tate Liverpool in 2017, as well as in other international venues who would like to commission a section of it. The production will take place in my Hackney, London studio and will employ up to 100 young assistants whose hands and sensibilities will also be woven into the work